Special Services

ES-Consult has since its establishment completed several tasks related to important civil and structural works and has also carried out many special assignments in the category of applied sience. A very important part of the activities of the firm has been assistance and technical consultances to building- and infrastructure owners.
Here follows descriptions of a series of ES-Consult's special services.



Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation


Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation are fundamental ingredients in the theoretical and technical evaluation of engineering problems. Without these disciplines the engineer would have to use chiefly intuitive and empirical methods. Modern technical development would not be possible without knowledge of mathematical modelling.
Complicated technical problems in statics as well as dynamics are essential fields of activity for ES-Consult. Therefore the command of the disciplines mathematical modelling and numerical simulation is of great importance for the firm.
Our experience in mathematical modelling however also enables the firm to undertake assignments that have not yet been analysed theoretically and where a mathematical formulation is necessary to solve the problems.
Today the disciplines mathematical modelling and numerical simulation are unthinkable without an in-depth knowledge of computer aids. Therefore ES-Consult has a wide range of equipment of modern computer software.
The application of mathematical modelling and numerical simulation by the company is best illustrated by a couple of examples.

Example no. 1 - Wave Energy

For the company Danish Wave Power, ES-Consult has developed calculation models for the optimization and design of a wave energy power-plant situated outside the Hanstholm harbour at 30 m depth of water. The calculation models formed the basis for the design of the foundation as well as of the structures themselves. At the same time the models were used for the calculation of the production of energy from the plant.
In a continuation of the project the firm has participated in a research project (OWEC-1) under EU's Joule program. Here ES-Consult has contributed with computational tools for the estimation of the production of energy and for the analyses of the structures for 4 different wave energy producing plants.

Example no. 2 - Ship Impact

ES-Consult has developed a software collection to model collisions between ships and off-shore structures. Using a combination of finite elements techniques, optimization algorithms and numerical integration techniques an advanced numerical analysis of the event is performed. The information given includes forces, deformations and accelerations in the structure and its elements.

Example no. 3 - Safety Barrier

In coorperation with the safety barrier producer Blue Systems ES-Consult  has developed a program, which after a calibration with impact test results can be used to predict the behaviour of the safety barrier. In this way the number of expensive impact tests can be minimized.

Related Topics

ES-Consult's information-sheets offer a comprehensive overview of the fields covered by the firm. For almost all the fields, experience in mathematical modelling and numerical simulation is of fundamental importance.


Simulation of offshore wave power device
The Pipefence safety barrier from the producer Blue Systems
The number of impact tests can be reduced by replacement with mathematical modelling