Special Services

ES-Consult has since its establishment completed several tasks related to important civil and structural works and has also carried out many special assignments in the category of applied sience. A very important part of the activities of the firm has been assistance and technical consultances to building- and infrastructure owners.
Here follows descriptions of a series of ES-Consult's special services.



Concrete Railway Bridges


ES-Consult has for several years designed concrete railway bridges for The Danish Railway Authorities (earlier The Danish State Railways, DSB).
Most of the bridges built by The Danish Railway Authorities must be made such that the construction causes the fewest possible inconveniences to the  traffic before, during and after construction of the bridge.

Special Assignments

When the Great Belt Link between Funen and Sealand was finished, a higher maximum speed of trains was introduced on the line between Copenhagen and Århus. Therefore all level crossings on Funen have been abandoned or replaced by bridges.
ES-Consult has assisted The Danish Railway Authorities in the design of longitudinally pre-stressed concrete railway bridges on the line in question. In order that the traffic on the line could proceed without serious restrictions in the construction phase, a construction method was chosen where the bridges were pushed sideways under the railway tracks. On the railway section affected, the train speed was reduced for 11/2 month at each construction site.
The work was carried out by building the bridge next to the permanent way and support the railway track on a provisional steel structure on steel piles. When the bridge was ready, the bridge was pushed sideways in under the railway track. Then the steel piles were successively cut off, so that the bridge deck gradually took over more and more of the load from the track. The remaining steel structure was then replaced by ballast and the speed restrictions were removed.
ES-Consult has furthermore designed 3- and 4- span concrete railway bridges for The Danish Railway Authorities built in a more conventional manner since they were constructed on the new permanent way in connection with a future re-alignment of the railway over a shorter section.
On the railway line between the cities Skive and Viborg in Jutland, ES-Consult has designed a 3-span concrete railway bridge with a length of approximately 70 m. This bridge was built next to the permanent way, and when the railway was closed during a weekend, the bridge, which weighed approximately 1800 tons, was pushed into place. Then the track was re-established and the railway reopened.

Special Results

In order to perform the complicated working operations for building a bridge under a railway in operation, a careful description of all working operations, time schedules, and speed restrictions for the railway traffic was worked out for each of the affected projects.