Special Services

ES-Consult has since its establishment completed several tasks related to important civil and structural works and has also carried out many special assignments in the category of applied sience. A very important part of the activities of the firm has been assistance and technical consultances to building- and infrastructure owners.
Here follows descriptions of a series of ES-Consult's special services.



Dynamic Behaviour of Structures


The development of materials with a higher strength - including both development of the classical materials, steel and concrete, and development of new materials - opens up opportunities that have not yet been accessible: Construction of structures with longer spans and of structures with elegant and slender forms. A characteristic feature of this development is, that an increase in the strength of material does not lead to a corresponding improvement of the stiffness of the material.
Therefore the design and analysis of structures that utilize the opportunities of the new materials, must to a much higher extent focus on those phenomena that depends on the stiffness including the flexibility, stability and dynamic behaviour of the structures.

The dynamic behaviour of structures is important in relation to safety and may also be decisive for the comfort of the persons who use the structures.

ES-Consult has worked with projects and research- and development works, where this problem has been in focus. The company has at it's disposal a digital tri-axial accelerometer allowing accurate and easily obtained measurements of vibrations in structures of any kind.

Special Assignments

In connection with the assessment of a typical modern deck in house building ES-Consult has analysed the dynamic characteristics of the structure during typical use (with persons walking, running etc.). Analyses of this kind are necessary in order to prevent the structures causing discomfort to the users.
During the design of the road link across the Great Belt, ES-Consult has carried out a follow-up of the performed wind tunnel tests for the building owner. The bridge structure - a road-carrying suspension bridge with a main span of 1624 m and with relatively slender approach spans - had such proportions, that a more careful investigation concerning the aeroelastic characteristics of the bridge and its behaviour was necessary. The span length of the approach spans was increased by using high strength steel. Thereby the dynamic behaviour of the structure became an important feature, and calculations supported by tests performed by The Danish Maritime Institute resulted in the use of tuned mass dampers in order to eliminate vibrations caused by vortex shedding.

The Øresund Link will be built as a combined railway-road link. It is required that trains shall be able to pass over the bridge with a speed of up to 200 km/h. In relation to this ES-Consult has carried out a structural dynamic analysis and a comfort analysis for the building owner. Both analyses describe the dynamic interaction between the train and the bridge.

The comfort aspect of dynamic behaviour of structures has been an element in several of the investigations carried out.


A list of papers produced by the staff members is available.