This section contains presentations of assignments which ES-Consult have recently finished. The list on the right shows an overview of the examples which have been presented in the course of time.




Presented examples:

  • Comfort Investigations of Pedestrian Bridges

  • Reconstruction of Sloboda Bridge at Novi Sad, Serbia


    Sloboda Bridge at Novi Sad, Serbia

    The Sloboda Bridge at Novi Sad, Serbia, was in 1999 destroyed during a targeted NATO bombardment.
    The reconstruction started in 2002, financed by EAR. The completion was carried out in full accordance with the original design, with reuse of parts of the original bridge. On October 12th 2005, the bridge was reopened.
    The main structure of the roadway bridge across the Danube is a girder with cable stays. With its 351 m span, it set, at the time of building (1981), the world record for bridges of this type, with pylons and stays in the central plane of the bridge.
    ES-Consult assisted the supervisory firm Louis Berger SA with design check and design supervision for the reconstruction.
    The reconstruction was undertaken by the German contractor DSD.
    The pictures on the right show in chronological order the history of the bridge from 1981 to 2005.
    Before the opening, the bridge was tested with a load from a procession of motortrucks. Picture number four shows the deflection of the bridge during the test. Click on the image for a larger version.




    Sketch of Sloboda Bridge before and after bombing


    Sloboda Bridge at Novi Sad, Serbia, 1981

    Sloboda Bridge after bombardment

    Sloboda Bridge, early phase of reconstruction

    Testing the Sloboda Bridge

    Sloboda Bridge at Novi Sad, Serbia, 2005